Mental health screening

UAF Student Health and Counseling Center in partnership with the UAF Community Mental Health Center are excited to announce that we have relaunched the Interactive Screening Program for suicide prevention! We understand how stress, anxiety, and the pressures of school and day-to-day life affect us all. Whatever you’re struggling with – family pressures, school workload, relationship issues, grief, stress or financial concerns – it is easy to get overwhelmed without an idea of where to turn for support. It’s as simple as...Click, connect and chat!

About the Interactive Screening Program

The Interactive Screening Program is a safe and secure online tool that connects you to a counselor to learn more about how you can get support for mental health concerns. Here are some of the key principles of ISP:

Complete anonymity

Your User ID will be unique to you and can be anything you choose. Your identity will not be known to the counselor unless you choose to share it. 

Personalized/interactive engagement with counselors

Instead of computerized feedback, you will receive a personal response to your questionnaire from a counselor at UAF Student Health and Counseling or the UAF Community Mental Health Clinic.

Connection and support

A counselor will respond to the experiences you share and provide you with the support you need – whether that be someone to listen or to help connect you to other services.

More information

If you are a student, please watch out for our email survey invitation! For questions, contact Stacey Schmitt, LCSW at Student Health and Counseling: 907-474-7043.