We at the Student Health and Counseling Center are a part of the Division of Student Affairs. Our mission is to help our UAF students stay healthy, grow and develop personally, and do as well as they can in their university studies. We offer a variety of services at the center, including medical care, counseling and assistance with the graduate and international student insurance plans.

We have a qualified, professional staff to provide medical and counseling services to eligible UAF students. Our medical staff includes a physician, one certified physician assistant, two nurse practitioners and three medical assistants. Our four professional counselors are available to assist students with their counseling needs. 

Our center provides a wide variety of services to students only. We provide general medical care, with a lab and on site. Counseling services range from individual counseling to crisis intervention, alcohol referrals and help with general adjustments to college life.

Confidentiality and personal privacy are important to everyone. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality possible for our students. We follow the rules set forth by federal and state laws along with the ethical guidelines of our professional organizations.  Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.