Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (SIZONET)

Project Description

This interdisciplinary project implements an integrated program for observing seasonal ice in the context of sweeping environmental, (geo)political and socio-economic change in the North. In addition to sampling of sea-ice state variables, the observation-system design is guided by the concept of sea-ice system services (SISS). By assessing the nature and extent of SISS, an integrated observation network can be built that will lead to prediction of key trends in a changing Arctic in a way that provides maximum benefit for the broadest range of affected interests. The project's overarching scientific goal is to track intertwined changes and selected important impacts in a rapidly evolving Seasonal Ice Zone (SIZ) in order to improve our understanding and predictions of the Arctic sea-ice cover over the course of the century.The project will establish a network of researchers, Arctic residents, different institutions with needs for sea-ice information, and other stakeholders. It will deliver infrastructure and an integrated sea-ice data set, leaving a legacy that allows for continued, long-term observations beyond the IPY "test bed."

Research Team

Principal Investigator

Hajo Eicken

Co-Principal Investigator

picture of Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Chair, Department of Oceanography
  • Decadal climate variability of the Arctic system
  • Trends and variability in Arctic sea-ice concentration and thickness
  • Analysis of model results and observed data to validate and improve model performance
(907) 474-6933
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Project Funding

National Science Foundation
Start Date: 0000-00-00 End Date: 0000-00-00

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