Movements, site fidelity, and activity of northern pike in Minto Lake, Alaska.

Project Description

This project will describe the seasonal movements of northern pike at geographical scales ranging from the entire Minto Flats Wetland Complex to subsections of individual water bodies within the Minto Lakes Study Area using temporal scales from three months to 24 hours. Further, using movements of radio-tagged northern pike, we will evaluate the assumptions of a mark-recapture experiment conducted in the Minto Lakes study area during June 2008 as they relate to closure, mixing, and probability of capture and make recommendations for improving the general mark-recapture study design. Finally, we will describe environmental factors that influence movements of radio-tagged northern pike within the Minto Lakes Study Area over temporal scales of three months to 24 hours.

Project Funding

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Amount: $000,000
Start Date: 2008-09-00
End Date: 2016-06-00


Publications and products

Albert, M., F. J. Margraf, M. Evenson, and T. M. Sutton. (2010). "Seasonal movements of northern pike in Minto Flats, Alaska". Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Annual Research Review, March 2010, Fairbanks, Alaska.


Research Team

Trent Sutton

Trent Sutton

Principal Investigator

Associate Dean of Academic Programs; Professor


  • Recruitment dynamics of fishes
  • Fish habitat assessment
  • Population biology and ecology of fishes
  • Trophic ecology and food-web dynamics

Full Profile
Co-Principal Investigators

Matthew Evenson
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Division of Sport Fish


Research Staff

Matthew Albert
Master's Degree Graduate Student
University of Alaska Fairbanks
College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Fisheries Division