Impacts of humpback whale predation at salmon hatchery release sites on net foraging gain and hatchery economics.

Project Description

This is an interdisciplinary project looking at the impacts of humpback whale predation at salmon hatchery release sites. I use acoustics to characterize the natural and hatchery prey patches available to humpback whales at hatchery release sites and in wild foraging conditions. I use animal-borne biologging tags to asses energy expenditure while foraging. Finally, I use economic modeling to assess the impact of whale-avoidance release strategies employed at release sites.

Project Funding

Alaska Sea Grant
Amount: 106,069
Start Date: 2014-02-00 End Date: 2016-02-00

Research Team

Principal Investigator

picture of Janice Straley

Janice Straley

Assistant Professor
(907) 747-7779
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Research Staff

Ellen Chenoweth

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