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Arctic Kelp Beds in the Beaufort Sea: Detection of Long-Term Change (BOEM)

This project is part of the long-term monitoring of Boulder Patch, a rock deposit region in Prudhoe Bay, to assess benthic biodiversity.


Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON)

This is an Arctic demonstration project located in the Chukchi Sea on how to incorporate biodiversity measurements into an ocean observing network.

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Assessing benthic meiofaunal community structure in the Alaskan Arctic: A high-throughput DNA sequencing approach

We are applying next-generation sequencing approach in surveying poorly-known communities of benthic protists and micoscopic metazoa in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.

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Benthic lower trophic level food webs in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas

This project investigates benthic food web relationships, and specifically the use of sea ice algal production, by benthic consumers in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas.

Research vessel Chukchi Borderlands Unexplored Seafloor Communities
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Changes in Ecosystem Production and Benthic Biodiversity Following the Widespread Loss of an Ecosystem Engineer

This project will examine the consequences of the loss of kelp forests in the Aleutian Archipelago to primary production and benthic biodiversity.

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COMIDA: Chukchi Sea Offshore Monitoring in Drilling Area: Epibenthic communities on and around Hanna Shoal

This project is describing the temporal and spatial variation of epibenthic organisms in the northern Chukchi Sea, particularly those around Hanna Shoal.


Evaluation of nearshore communities and habitats- Ecological Processes in Lower Cook Inlet

This project will describe and assess nearshore habitats in lower Cook Inlet and make recommendations for monitoring this pristine region.

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Habitat degradation in kelp forests due to melting glaciers

This project is examining how glacial melt impacts coastal kelp communities.

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Long-term monitoring of ecological communities in Kachemak Bay

Part of the Gulf Watch Alaska Monitoring Program, this project is seeking to understand long-term trends and natural variability in biological communities in Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

Invertebrate Marine invertebrate collection, University of Alaska Museum of the North 
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Pribs Blues Muse logo Pribs Blues Muse: Pribilof Islands blue king crab (Paralithodes platypus) recruitment limitation as a potential bottleneck to rebuilding from overfished status
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RUSALCA: Arctic Food Web Structure and Epibenthic Communities in a Climate Change Context

Epibenthic community structure and benthic food web structure are part of a long-term monitoring project to assess the effects of climate changes on the ecosystem of the Arctic Chukchi Sea.

 Star fish Sea otters versus seastars as major clam predators: evidence from foraging pits and shell litter
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Testing the use of unmanned aircraft systems for intertidal surveys – proof of concept 

This project is testing the use of drones for intertidal surveys in seagrass and rocky kelp communities.

Sea floor Tracing sea ice algae in Arctic benthic food webs using the sea ice diatom biomarker IP25
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