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Your profile is your time to shine, so don’t be shy about listing your accomplishments. Because the more potential employers know about you, the better the chance they’ll reach out.  Make sure to list all of your hard work — in the classroom and out — in your profile.

Recruiters are 5x more likely to reach out to you with job opportunities if your profile is complete.

In addition to your major, Handshake also uses your job interests to recommend opportunities to you.

Job interests include:

  • Job type: Looking for an on-campus job, internship, part-time job, or full-time job?  You can
    choose more than one.
  • Preferred location:  Select the cities you would like to work in, and Handshake will show you jobs in that area.
  • Job role: Choose at least three positions you would like to explore, like “marketing associate” or “data analyst.”

Beyond your job interests, employers want to know:

  • Previous work experience: Have you had a part-time job, internship, work study, research position and or volunteered?  Employers like to see that you’ve taken on responsibility, and that these experiences have helped you develop valuable skills.
  • Skills: Add technical skills like SQL along with soft skills like communication. The more skills you list, the better your chances are of showing up in an employer search.
  • Clubs and organizations: These signal your specific interests, affinity groups, and participation and involvement on campus.

Set your preferences for the types of jobs and locations you’re interested in, Handshake can find the right opportunities
for you. Because searching through hundreds of job postings that don’t fit isn’t a good use of your time.

The Q&A will be a collection of Q&A  based on the questions a student might be interested in. We may use signals including demographic attributes like major or school year, and behavioral data such as companies students view to help show Q&A that are relevant to the students.

Narrow down and customize your job search. Filter through jobs by criteria such as job type, location,
work authorization, and industry. Keyword search helps you find jobs whose description includes a word that you’re looking for.

For example, if you search for the keyword “accounting,” you will see jobs where the word accounting appears in the posting.
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Connect with and mentor other students. Help other students along their career journeys by making your own visible. And give them the
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Chat with students and alumni who’ve been there. When you view a job or employer page, you can see other students who have worked there and reach out to them with your questions.

Get an inside look at company culture, interview tips, and more through company reviews. You can also find answers to common career questions (or ask your own!) in Q&A.

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 While we do our best to vett employers, employment scams are always changing and getting better at hiding in plain sight. We want to empower you to ensure the employers are legitimate. Here is a resource to help you be aware of typical job scams. If you have any concerns about employer requests or interview procedures, please reach out to our office, we are happy to support you. 


My name is Bryan and I work with the HandShake, and my job is to provide part-time employment for qualified students during the academic year and beyond. I have contacted you because there is an opening for you at CDS and below are the lines from your potential employer:

My name is Dr. John Mazzariello and I am the Senior Director of Practice Operations at the Center for Disability Services Council - New York Chapter (CDS).

This is a virtual position which does not require you to travel to NY.

I also provide individual and group therapy, coaching, assessment and academic screenings to support students with disabilities (physical, chronic, psychiatric, and invisible). A large percentage of the students served by the mental health unit have psychiatric disabilities or comorbid psychiatric disabilities and need mental health support to be successful at the University. In addition, many University of students with academic difficulties and no prior diagnosis are seen and assessed through the academic screening and assessment process. I am also the Director of supervision, training and coordination of counseling psychology and clinical psychology graduate students in the United States who have practicums at SCDD and APA-accredited school psychology predoctoral interns.

You have received this email to be considered for an offer from the University Office for Students with Disabilities to work with me. This is an at-will position that reports directly to me. Should you decide to accept the offer, you do not have to travel down to New York to occupy this position as we are transitioning online as a result of COVID-19.

I also have over 10 years of experience working with adults who have problematic relationships, childhood issues, and who feel stuck in their present life. It might be trauma, depression, anxiety, but whatever it is we can help you get "unstuck" together and I enjoy doing this. I believe everyone has the potential to help themselves, but sometimes we need some guidance.

This is a very simple employment. You will only help me mail letters, make payments at Walmart and purchase some items for the new Hybrid Teachers when needed. This employment only takes 6 hours a day and 4 times a week for $620.00

I am unable to meet up for an interview because I am currently away and helping the disabled students in Canada.

You will be paid in advance for all tasks and purchases to be done on my behalf. Some of my personal letters and mails will be forwarded to your residence or nearby post office for you to pick up at your convenience. Upon my arrival we will discuss the possibility of making this a long-term employment if I am impressed with your services while I am away. My arrival is scheduled for the last week of June 2020.

To be considered for this position, use your "alternate email (different from school email)" to contact your employer directly by sending an email with your details as follows:

Full name,

Current Residential Address,

Alternate email (different from school email)

Cell #.

To:Dr. John Mazzariello




Additional Resources

Ten Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud

Federal Trade Commission job scam webpage

Look up companies with the Better Business Bureau


 Handshake is a platform the University of Alaska Career Services offices use to connect students with employers and their opportunities. The views expressed by organizations who utilize the platform do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Alaska. Handshake is open to all employers with legitimate opportunities for UA students and alumni. UA Career Services does not have the ability to limit messages sent by these organizations. To limit contact from organizations you may adjust your privacy settings, or manage message settings.