Upcoming Events

Alaska Tribal Courts Conference

The 38th Annual Alaska Tribal Court Conference, "Traditional Values & Strong Tribes: Leading Our Justice Systems" will be hosted August 2-5, 2022 by Tanana Cheifs Conference and the Department of Tribal Governance.

Tribal Governance Symposium

The Department of Tribal Governance hosts an annual Tribal Governance Symposium. This event has been on pause for the pandemic, but we plan to gather again in Spring 2023.

Previous Events​

Tribal Governance Symposium: Living Tribal Stewardship

A forum to build understanding, relationships, and knowledge to advance tribal self-governance for the health and well being of all Alaskan peoples and ecosystems. 

Tribal Governance Symposium: Land-Water-Life

A forum to build knowledge, understanding and relationship for the advancement of tribal governance.


Tribal Governance Symposium: Strengthening Governments, Communities, Families

A forum to build knowledge, understanding, and relationships for the advancement of Tribal Governments in Alaska

Tribal Governance Symposium: Weaving Together Two Worlds

A forum to build understanding, relationships, and knowledge for advancing the co-management of Alaskan fish and wildlife resources.