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The Drumbeats Alaska Consortium was developed with support from the USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Alaska Native-Serving and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions Education Competitive Grants Program (ANNH) to  implement the IANS project.  The goal of IANS is to invigorate Alaska Native community practices to enchance food and energy systems, security and sovereignty through educational equity.  Objectives are as follows:

1) Enhanced wild and cultivated food systems, including Alaska Native stewardship and traditional and customary practices through place-based education

2) Increased sustainable energy system development through place-based education

3) Strengthened Alaska Native student and participant leadership in community food and energy systems

4) Incubated partnerships and coordinated use of resources expand educational equity in the food and energy educational programming

Drumbeats Alaska Consortium is comprised of academic and community outreach programs from five Alaska Native-Serving Institution  campuses within UAF College of Rural and Community Development:

  • Sustainable Energy (SE) | Bristol Bay Campus - Dillingham
  • Ethnobotany (EBOT) | Kuskokwim Campus - Bethel
  • High Latitude Range Management (HLRM) | Northwest Campus - Nome
  • Tribal Governance & Stewardship (TGS) | Interior Alaska Campus - Fairbanks
  • Food Security & Sovereignty (FSS) | Chukchi Campus - Kotzebue

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