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The Tribal Management program has helped me grow into my role as First Chief of Circle. No longer do I feel like I am struggling or blindly trying to figure stuff out. The skills you learn in the program immediately improve your performance in the job you have now... Jessica Fields
The Tribal Management program bridges the gap between your cultural identity and traditional wisdom from the elders and the tools that tribes have for self-governance. These classes teach you how to use federal Indian law to your tribe’s advantage...Randy A. Mayo
Give the Tribal Management program your all. Be dedicated and let it be fun. Make what you learn applicable to your life and home. These classes are specially beneficial if you are living in a rural community and if you attend meetings or just follow tribal politics... Roxanne Knudson
If you want to work and improve your community, then get involved with the Tribal Management program. It's very fulfilling and challenging ... Kathryn Martin


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