In addition to the USA departments, check out the general UAF student information, providing information on everything from studying at UAF to campus life.

Academic Advising
Academic Advising is there to help students in their search for a major and provide oversight for registering in the right classes. We provide advising for general studies majors and associate degree students (individual departments provide advising to students within their major).

Career Services
Career Services helps with success both in school through internships and workshops and after school through job placement and resume review.

Conduct and safety
Includes information on university safety, how to report a crime, crime statistics, the student code of conduct, student complaints and appeals, FERPA and more.

Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability 
The Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability Office supports student-centered programs and services designed to assist students in achieving their personal, academic and career goals. The office provides assistance to students, staff and faculty regarding conduct, grade appeals, administrative withdraws, safety/security concerns, as well as handling Student Employee Waivers, and more.

Newly admitted student info
Looking for more info about what to do before you get to UAF? There are forms to fill out and choices to be made. This website can help.

Registration guide
Information on how to register for classes, semester expenses, student services and responsibilities, and more.

Rural Student Services
Rural Student Services (RSS) is an academic advising department with over 35 years of experience in working with students from all over the state of Alaska. We are here to assist you in achieving student success by linking you to current information pertinent to your education, lifestyle, and goals. RSS is known for its welcoming and friendly environment. Many students find a meaningful connection at UAF through RSS.

Student Support Services
SSS program provides personalized and comprehensive academic support to eligible students. It offers an inviting, resourceful atmosphere and opportunities for academic development and success. It serves to encourage students to stay in school and successfully complete their degree program.

UAF calendar
Go to this calendar for your source for all UAF events, activities and deadlines.