Online Programs for Minors


All UAF departments wanting to host online programs and activities should register the program or activity on the UAF Event Request Form  before the start date of the program. 

Background Checks

UAF faculty and staff who run an online program for minors must successfully complete a criminal background check with UA Human Resources department.  Criminal background checks for working with minors are valid for three years.

Minors Training

Protection of Minors' training for University Employees who will be working directly with minors is now found on myUA. All authorized adults are required to take two trainings annually: Protection of Minors-Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter and one additional training chosen from the spreadsheet. These trainings can be found in the Learning Library under Tier II; search for Protection of Minors. Training is required annually.

Volunteers who will be working directly with children will need to work with their camp, program owner or EHSRM for access to training under Praesidium Armatus. These volunteers are required to take Protection of Minors-Duty to Report: Mandated Reporter and one additional training. Training is required annually.


Setting up an Online Program

Online programs should utilize UA approved software, such as Zoom.  OIT has created resource pages for Zoom , including troubleshooting and FAQs.  Zoom has also created some guidance for the K-12 environment. Program administrators must be UAF faculty or staff and must use their UA credentials at all times.

Safe Contact and Privacy Rules

The following safety rules apply to online programs for minors:

  • Avoid one-to-one virtual contact with a minor. 
  • UAF recommends that at least two adults are onlineduring live programs.
  • No private direct messaging, texting, chatting, or personal emails between a minor and a program supervisor/online teacher is permissible.  Group messages and posts are acceptable and must be viewable by all participants and supervisor/online teacher.
  • Minors may not engage in activities involving hazardous materials (chemical, biological, radiation) or work with mechanical tools at home during an online program.  For questions about whether a proposed activity can be done safely, please contact EHSRM.
  • Parents/guardians must be provided with access information to all virtual meetings and programs.
  • Review the UA Code of Conduct in the BOR Policy for reminders on behavioral expectations.

Recording of Online Sessions

If program administrators wish to record any online sessions, they must obtain the consent of all parents/guardians by use of the UAF Model Release Form.

Program administrators may not record online sessions to their personal computer or device.  Recordings must be made to the cloud.  Recordings may be shared afterwards with participants in an un-editable format.

Required Forms

Parents/guardians of participating minors must complete the UAF Release of Liability Form provided by Risk Management and the UAF Model Release Form via email and submit it to the program administrator.

Reporting Concerns

The procedures for Reporting Abuse and Neglect remain the same for online programs.  If anyone has other concerns about online programs for minors, you may send an email to Becca Whitman at  Concerns may be submitted by in person or online reporting.

Disability Accommodations

Participants who need to request disability accommodations should contact their program administrator.