Administrative Services

The UAF Administrative Services offices work to provide safe and effective operations for students, faculty, staff, visitors and other university constituents. To ensure these users have positive experiences with UAF and our departments, we have adopted these core values. If you have any feedback, please use this feedback form.

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Leading At Level
Leadership Courses Specific For Your Needs

Courses require a commitment for in-person attendance and follow-up work between sessions.

Fee: $1250 (your cost $625) for 4-day leadership series + 360 reviews (max. 28 people)

Course meets on: May 15, July 17, Sept. 18 and Nov. 6

Audience: Business managers/executive officers, administrative program managers, front-line supervisors or managers (new or seasoned) who lead individuals.

Description: Supervisors will explore the unique leadership requirements of their role including: setting objectives and prioritizing tasks, delegating and following up, coaching and developing direct reports, assessing and improving performance and building the team.

Fee: $1500 (your cost $750) for 4-day leadership series + 360 reviews (max. 28 people)

Course meets on: May 16, July 18, Sept. 19 and Nov. 7

Audience: Directors, department leaders, and second-line supervisors that oversee other managers or small teams within a single functional area.

Description: Leaders will take a closer look at developing and executing operational plans, coaching and developing leaders, assessing and improving the performance of leaders, managing boundaries to avoid silos, and allocating resources and building the organization.

Fee: $1750 (your cost $875) for 4-day leadership series + 360 reviews (max. 18 people)

Course meets on: May 17, July 19, Sept. 20, and Nov. 8

Audience: Deans, directors, assiociate vice chancellors and other senior leaders who have full accountability for a functional area. May lead departments or cross-functional units.

Description: Leaders will look at driving functional excellence, being a full member of the business team and integrating with other functions, selecting leaders to help in building the function, coaching leaders and building accountability around performance and process, and developing talent.

Fee: $1125 (your cost $563) for 3-day leadership series + 360 reviews (max. 28 people)

Course meets on: May 18, Sept. 21 and Nov. 9

Audience: Center directors, department chairs, project or research leads. Leaders who have SME or a high knowledge/technical responsibility to their role. May have small teams with leadership components to the role.

Description: Technical leaders will explore setting objectives at the appropriate level, task prioritization, stakeholder management, and coaching to influence others.

To help make this training more accessible, 50% of program fees for UAF units will be covered by Administrative Services.

Purpose, Values, Vision, People


Helping Nanook Nation do its best work.


By 2027, Administrative Services will have a sustained culture of excellence, reinforced by our reputation for extraordinary service and leadership.

Expert resources

UAF operations are diverse and exciting! We seek to listen and understand your objectives to best help you. We ask questions, consider options, take input, gather data, share knowledge and build authentic relationships within and outside of UAF. We leverage expert connections and resources to enable progress.

Service minded

We take ownership of the work that needs to be done and will ensure that we deliver thoughtful, high-quality and timely services. We enjoy hearing from our customers, meeting their needs and encouraging creative thinking to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Team oriented

We strive to be a great place to work, understand our interdependencies and collaborate to implement solutions. We are better together. We celebrate each other’s unique strengths, care about our people and find ways to foster growth and development within our teams and when working with others.


We are responsible stewards of resources and ensure compliance requirements are met, as a stable foundation for productivity and achievement well into the future. We continuously promote safe practices in all aspects of our university life for students, faculty, staff and the communities we serve. We adopt repeatable and consistent processes that are proactive, effective and reliable.

  • Have high engagement, morale and a shared voice. They are empowered to do great work and are advocates of Administrative Services. They want to work here.

  • Know they are cared about and know their personal and professional growth and development is a priority.

  • Feel appreciated, dedicated and happy. They know the work they do makes a difference.

  • Feel valued and respected across campus and are seen as the “go-to” people for unknown answers.

  • Work in modern, inclusive and collaborative environments.

  • Are encouraged to be innovative and to explore new ideas.

  • Have a strong ability to positively influence others.

  • Forward-think and consistently look for process improvements that positively impact people and are streamlined, efficient and high-value.

  • Are actively involved in workforce development.

  • Facilitate positive change in the community and connect with our community partners to help.