In emergencies, call 911. For nonemergencies, call UAF Police Department dispatchers at 907-474-7721.

UAF Title IX is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri., and is not an emergency response office.

Confidential  resources

The Student Health and Counseling Center provides general medical care to students, with a lab and on site, as well as counseling services that range from individual counseling to crisis intervention, alcohol referrals and help with general adjustments to college life.

The Employee Assistance Program provides the following services, among others: Child and elder care referrals, financial counseling, legal consultation, in-person short-term counseling referrals, and critical incident stress management. The program is available to employees, spouses/FIPs, dependents and anyone living in the employee's home.

The Interior Alaska Center For Non-Violent Living provides advocacy and support services for those who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and/or sexual harassment. You can contact the Center by calling 800-478-7273 or 907-452-2293, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Report a Title IX violation

To submit a report of gender-based or sexual misconduct, contact your Title IX coordinator or fill out the Title IX violation form. You can make a report to the Title IX coordinator at any time, even months later. See UA Board of Regents University Policy 01.04 Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination Under Title IX (see P01.04.060. Filing a Complaint or Report) for more information. Though anonymous reports are permitted, they may limit the university's ability to investigate and respond to a report.


When the university receives a report of gender-based or sexual misconduct, the Title IX coordinator is notified. When the complainant chooses, or the university believes it is necessary, the Title IX coordinator will initiate a prompt, fair and impartial investigation.

At the University of Alaska, staff, faculty and Residence Life student employees are responsible for reporting Title IX incidents within 24 hours. There is an exception at UAF for employees working within Student Health and Counseling. General student employees are not designated responsible employees. See more detail at the UA responsible employee page.

The Title IX report form and all the information provided will be kept private.  The Title IX staff do not collect IP addresses or attempt to notify reporters.