Suite style rooms



Suite style rooms are Single or Quad and showers are located centrally on each floor. Each room includes sink with medicine cabinet, toilet, hand soap, microwave and mini-refrigerator.

Single Room Quad Room
Twin XL bed 2 Twin XL beds
Dresser 2 Dressers
Desk and desk chair 2 Desks and desk chairs
Wardrobe 2 Wardrobes
Communal bathrooms and shower rooms Communal bathrooms and shower rooms




Suites have 4 people sharing two rooms and a common area and bathroom. Singles have stand alone rooms with their own bathrooms.

Showers are shared per floor.

*Prices in effect June 2021.



(7 - 29 nights)

Wickersham First Floor (3 suites,  5 single rooms) $5,782.00 per week
Wickersham Second Floor (8 suites, 7 single rooms)

$12,404.00 per week 

Wickersham Third Floor (8 suites, 7 single rooms)  $12,404.00 per week


Included in your stay:

  • Linens
    Sheets, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, washcloth, and body towel.
  • Free WiFi
    Wireless internet is provided across campus, computer labs with printer are available for public use in the library.
  • Kitchens
    Free kitchen facilities are available 24/7 for guest use, limited kitchen equipment is available for guest use.