What I would do if I were you...

... advice from graduating seniors

If you are or plan to transfer make sure you talk to an advisor about all of your credits. Check the course descriptions of the classes you transferred and compare them to the classes offered at UAF. If the classes are the same, be sure to "petition" them, that they be put in the Psychology required area rather than the general Social Sciences.

It's a good idea to check your progress toward graduation with DegreeWorks, our web-based degree audit software.  The advantage is that it will confirm whether you are on the right track for getting all the necessary credits towards graduation.  Even though you may be a year of more away from graduation, you will avoid any nasty surprises in your last semester.  Log into your Degree Works records via UAONLINE and select DegreeWorks/Electronic Degree Audit under Student Services & Account Information.

Seek a psychology advisor as soon as you decide that psychology is going to be your major or even minor.

Finding out what classes the psychology department offers is important. Some of the classes that are offered are only alternate fall or spring classes, basically only offered once every other year. If you wish to take one of those classes, plan your schedule far in advance with the other required classes.

Make the writing center your new best friend. It will help to organize and strengthen your papers or writing assignments.

If you plan on applying for a scholarship be sure to know when the deadlines are.

While you are studying to obtain your degree, get involved in any type of research that is available to you as a student that interests you.

Talk to other students to get opinions on classes that are worthwhile to take.

During the summer, get involved in any internship dealing with the field of psychology.

Get involved in community services, it will give you an edge on job opportunities, and looks great on your resume.

Don't be afraid to ask questions of upperclassmen or graduate students; they are always willing to help and have great advice to offer.

Surf the net for new topics in psychology, and let this further guide your ability to ask questions in those classes that just aren't addressing those hot topics.... it will spice up class, as well as guide you closer to a future career in psychology.

If you plan to continue your education, attempt to take classes in the area you are interested in. Then talk to your advisor or a professor who is familiar with that area of interest. A professor can help you decide which courses to take that will help you get into a desired graduate study program.

Always strive for at least a 3.0 or better each semester. This will help you get in honor societies and will also enhance your resume quality.

What I wish I would have known.....

  • all the pre-requisites required for my graduate school
  • what classes are required for Writing and Oral intensives
  • about End Note for Microsoft Word. It makes citations and works cited page for you as you are going along.
  • that there was free printing available at the Writing Center 
  • that I could get my computer fixed/diagnosed for free by OIT in Bunnell Building