About the Department of Psychology

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Our Mission Statement~

The Department of Psychology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers bachelor's degrees in Psychology (B.A. and B.S.).

The mission of our department is to provide breadth and depth in the science and profession of psychology with a commitment to honoring diversity and promoting human welfare. The curriculum develops cross-cultural knowledge, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, ethical principles, concern for social justice, as well as respect for and knowledge of diverse perspectives that include feminist, multicultural, indigenous, and gay and lesbian.

In addition to active engagement in the classroom, students participate in research and community service. Our programs in psychology facilitate an understanding of the human experience as the interaction of biological, psychological, social, and cultural processes.

B.A./B.S. Degree in Psychology~

The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers both a BA and a BS in psychology for undergraduates. Both degrees require the same course work in psychology but vary in the depth of math and science in other disciplines. The psychology undergraduate program was redesigned in 1999 - 2000. The focus of our redesign has been to create a degree that provides both breadth and depth in the science of psychology and exposes students to issues of diversity in the modern world. The goal of our programs is to graduate well rounded, critical thinking, and curious students.

The degree prepares students to apply to graduate programs in psychology as well as other fields, e.g. medicine and law, and to enter the world of work. Psychology majors must take a series of required courses that include Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods, and a capstone Seminar. The second component of the degree establishes 5 core areas of psychology, requiring students to take one class in each of research, social, biological, psychological, and diversity perspectives. Finally, majors have an opportunity to expand or to focus their interests by choosing a set of psychology electives.

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A Focus on Our Students~

Students are encouraged to work with faculty on research. Independent studies and guided research allow students to become part of a faculty member's research. Additionally, students can volunteer at local agencies in order to become exposed to the applied aspects of psychology. Students in the department have served as undergraduate teaching assistants, research assistants and received National Institute of Health (NIH) summer internships in Washington DC. The department offers a biannual conference on social science with other departments at the university that provides students with an opportunity to do poster sessions & make presentations. The department seriously seeks to integrate into its courses a cross-cultural perspective that is unique in the field and provides students with solid preparation for professions in the new century.