Why Psychology?

What is psychology and why should I study it?

Psychology major Omar Rutledge administers a cognitive recognition test to a volunteer as part of his research to determine the effects of artificial sweeteners being used in a variety of popular drinks. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris
The psychology major is a great fit for students who want to work with people and are interested in learning about the mind and human behavior. Critical thinking, communication and problem solving are all skills that will help you succeed in this bachelor’s degree. Because the study of psychology is an excellent foundation for many different types of careers, this is a popular major for students with a wide range of academic and professional interests. 



What can you do with a degree in psychology?

Psychology is a versatile degree that will give you the foundational knowledge and skills for a wide range of careers. You’ll develop strong communication and critical thinking skills, and gain appreciation for diverse perspectives. You’ll learn methodologies for conducting research, and how to work effectively as part of a team.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology prepares you for diverse careers in human services, business and science sectors. You’ll also have a solid foundation to pursue graduate study in psychology and other fields such as medicine, law, public health, nursing, education, biology and counseling. Our advisors and faculty will help you design a curriculum that best prepares you for your educational and career goals.

Psychology faculty and students pass a brain to a curious onlooker from behind the table at We Are CLA 2016

Some careers psychology majors go on to pursue are...


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Psychology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks



Choose from three undergraduate concentrations...

Students in Associate Professor Dani Sheppard's Psychology 335 class, Brain and Behavior, take their final exam Dec. 17 in the Gruening Building. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris

The Department of Psychology offers B.A. and B.S. degrees in psychology. The department’s focus is to provide breadth and depth in the science and profession of psychology with a commitment to honoring diversity and promoting human welfare. The curriculum develops cross-cultural knowledge, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, ethical principles and concern for social justice, as well as respect for and knowledge of diverse points of view that include feminist, multicultural, indigenous, and gay and lesbian perspectives.



How can I get involved?

Because the Psychology community at UAF is vibrant and diverse, you’ll find opportunities for mentorship and professional development outside the classroom as well.  For volunteer opportunities, check out a list of local organizations here.


Faculty and students from Psi Chi, the psychology honors club, smile for the camera at a student club recruiting event
Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology

Psi Chi is an international honors society for students majoring or declared minors in Psychology.

It was the first student organization formally affiliated with APA, and is the largest student psychological organization with over 600,000 members ranging from the United States to New Zealand.



Psychology Faculty in front of log houses

Our psychology faculty have broad research expertise (including research addressing key issues in Alaska) and close connections in the region that enrich the program. As an online psychology major, you’ll also find that our faculty are very accessible and here to answer your questions.