Philosophy and Humanities

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According to recent studies, the top skills that employers look for in graduates are communication, critical thinking and problem solving. These are exactly the skills that you’ll develop when you major in philosophy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Our program is unique in that it emphasizes the role of natural scientific methods in philosophy, teaching you how to think clearly and logically about any problem. Our faculty have diverse teaching and research interests, in areas ranging from science and technology to applied ethics. Small class sizes mean that you’ll have more opportunities to interact with and get to know your professors.

Our philosophy majors go on to a wide range of careers in business, law, politics, education, writing, research and academia.

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Why Study Philosophy and Humanities at UAF?

If you enjoy asking questions and debating ideas you should be an excellent candidate for a major in philosophy. Read on to learn more about the unique opportunities you’ll have in the philosophy and humanities program at UAF.

Learn science-based, applied philosophy

  • Our program emphasizes approaches based in the natural sciences and addresses practical concerns. Faculty have research expertise in areas including the philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of biology and evolutionary theory, experimental philosophy and applied ethics (including biomedical and research ethics, as well as environmental, business and internet ethics).

Work across diverse academic disciplines

  • The philosophy and humanities degree is highly interdisciplinary and we encourage opportunities for collaboration across the university and beyond. Philosophy majors can also take part in study abroad opportunities that enrich the education at home.

Take classes in Fairbanks or Anchorage, or via distance

  • You can take classes at either University of Alaska campus, and via distance, to complete the philosophy major and benefit from complementary faculty specialization at both sides of the Alaska Range.

Participate in student clubs and events

  • Opportunities include The Socratic Society, our philosophy student club that organizes public lectures and outings such as ski trips, hikes and more.


What Can You Do With a Degree in Philosophy?

Philosophy majors learn to reason effectively, write persuasively and form coherent arguments—all skills that employers look for and value. Our graduates include intelligence analysts working in Washington D.C., lawyers and renowned academics.




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