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Bachelor's Degree Program


The courses in philosophy are designed to confront students with foundational problems related to the human experience and to introduce students to the critical assessment of those problems, thus broadening students' perspectives and critical thinking skills for various areas of specialization in science, social science and humanities.

The major requires the completion of 36 credits in philosophy and an optional senior thesis with oral defense for departmental honors. Students may also register for independent study coursework in philosophy under special arrangement with the department faculty.

Philosophy at UAF is an excellent preparation for further study. Our majors and minors have gone on to graduate programs in philosophy, law, literature, political science, and a number of other fields.


Medical Ethics

Featured Course

PHIL F402      Biomedical and Research Ethics      (h) 
3 Credits

Offered As Demand Warrants

Issues in biomedical ethics. Topics will vary but include discussion of moral principles and problems of research ethics and medical ethics, such as: animal and human experimentation; data management; informed consent; therapeutic and non-therapeutic research; physician/patient relationship; autonomy; assisted reproductive technologies; euthanasia; organ transplantation; and allocation of scarce medical resources.

Minor in Philosophy

The minor requires the completion of 18 credits in philosophy. The program offers students upper-level coursework in the various areas of philosophy, a course in formal logic, a foundation in the history of philosophy from ancient to contemporary, and an introduction to non-Western philosophy.