Modern Campus CMS Training

Modern Campus CMS (formerly Omni CMS) Training Information: 

We have two training areas available to help UA users get started in Modern Campus CMS.

  • Blackboard Learn course named Modern Campus CMS Training Resources. This training is required to get access to Modern Campus CMS.

  • Modern Campus CMS Training website provides a reference for users and introduces basic concepts for content editing, site management, creating new pages, and gives an overview of available Snippets and Components.

  • Web and digital accessibility at UA - Web accessibility guidelines are essential to make websites usable by everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Familiarize yourself with compliance, especially concerning keyboard accessibility, alt text for images, headings and readability. 

In addition, Modern Campus offers a wide variety of learning resources:

  • Learn Modern Campus CMS - one stop for everything you need to know about Modern Campus CMS.

  • Training Videos - quick, informative how-to videos about the Modern Campus CMS system and interface.  Modern Campus training videos may vary compared to what we use within the UA Modern Campus CMS implementation.

  • Modern Campus CMS Community Network - interact with other Modern Campus CMS users.

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