Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web collaboration tool used for conducting online meetings and classes.

Blackboard Inc. acquired Elluminate Inc. in 2010, and as part of that merger also acquired their web collaboration tool Elluminate Live (eLive!). Since that merger, Blackboard and the eLive! developers have been hard at work improving the tool.  The result is a rebranded tool called Blackboard Collaborate that has all of the same features as eLive!, but also includes a long list of improvements and fixes.

Among those new features are:

  • Integrated Telephony -- Don't have a microphone, poor internet connection? Call into the web conference with a telephone.  
  • Mobile Support - There is a Collaborate App for iOS, and Android, and it works directly with the Blackboard Mobile App, or when accessing collaborate links from your email.
  • No more Java required on Mac and Windows operating systems.  The new Collaborate Launcher is now a stand alone application that is not dependent on the Java version installed on your system.
  • Better integration with Blackboard Learn.

Please go through the steps below by clicking on each button, and following the instructions.

You can also direct your attendees to this page, or the configuration room in Step 2 so they can check their systems ahead of your class or meeting.


For Support, please contact the NTS Support Center at 450-8300, or email

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