Voice Mail

NTS utilizes Cisco Unity Connection to provide voicemail services. The UAF voicemail system allows you to receive voicemail messages on your phone and in some cases, through your email. It provides a robust feature set that allows you to send messages, forward messages and notify callers of your status.

Please see below for some documentation relating to the use of the voicemail system:

Unity Connection Voice Mail Quick Reference to get started
Tips for Using Unity Voice Mail for top tips
Frequently Asked Questions

Our voicemail system can also provide department voice menus for automated call routing. This can assist callers with accessing the correct people and reduce overall calls to department operators. These services can be customized to your needs and telecommunications can consult with your department on how to best utilize these services. To implement these services, you will need to open Work Request Form  with telecommunications to start the process.

Voicemail To Email:
UAF supports basic voicemail to email features. This feature is provided at no additional cost and is included in your base telephone price. If you would like to enable these features, please submit a Work Request Form with telecommunications to start the process.