Closed Caption Phones

Closed caption telephones are specialized telephones, developed for Deaf or Hard of Hearing people. These types of phones have a built-in screen to display everything that a caller says, live. Whenever a call is made or received, the phone automatically connects to a federal- or state-funded captioning service. Closed caption telephones are phone-queue compatible for employees who answer phone calls for an office.

Employees who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, who would like to request a closed caption telephone, should first contact UA HR’s ADA Accessibility Team, then submit a Request for a closed caption telephone through the NTS Service Desk. Closed caption phone requests can only be processed with approval from the UA HR ADA Accessibility Team.

For more information on closed caption telephone calls, visit the Job Accommodation Network

For questions on eligibility and ADA accommodations, please contact the UA HR ADA Accessibility Team, or UA HR’s Inclusivity Specialist

For more information on closed caption phone technical requirements, setup, and system compatibility, please contact the NTS Service Desk .