Types of Phones & Fees

Current Pricing (last update 12/20)

All telephones listed here will be continuously stocked. Additions and improvements in technology will be added as they appear or as merit warrants. For questions about any telephones listed here, please contact the NTS Service Desk.

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VoIP Phones

VoIP 2-Line GB Phone  - $248/Year

Provides access for up to two lines or directory numbers, or one directory number plus a speed dial for other phones. A good telephone choice for the most common telephone users.

voip phone

VoIP 6-Line GB Phone  - $273/Year

Provides access for up to six lines or directory numbers, or a combination of directory numbers and speed dials for other users. A good telephone choice for executives, power users, receptionists or people who frequently use their phone.

Analog Fax Line

These models are known as the "plain old telephone". They can be plugged into a modem, and used with an answering machine or voice recorder. 

Analog Line Only - $203/year
• Fax Line
• Analog line supplied by UAF; telephone supplied by the customer.
• In-stock

 Voice and Data Cabling

Telecommunications Services is responsible for the installation of new telephone and data cabling. This includes traditional voice cabling, network cabling and fiber optic cabling.

Due to the custom nature of cabling work, per drop quotations cannot be provided here and the work involved will need to be assessed and quoted on a case-by-case basis. Consultation for cabling work is currently no charge and we can provide your department a detailed quote for any cabling needs.

Please submit our Work Order Request Form for your cabling needs.