Adding a Banner Printer


Banner batch report printers must meet the following requirements:

  • Have built-in print language engine for either PostScript ® or HP PCL. Printers that only support "Host-based printing" (uses CPU on attached workstation [PC or Mac, etc] to image each page) or uses proprietary page imaging protocols (e.g., HP JetReady) can not be used to print Banner batch reports.
  • Be network addressable (have a TCP/IP address and DNS name entry). Printers connected directly to workstations via serial, USB, or parallel cable are NOT supported.
  • Printers without built-in network capability can usually be networked by using an HP JetDirect unit (or similar type of product). This requires a separate Ethernet cable and port at printer location.
  • Can communicate using port 9100.

Most printers can print "self-test" or "configuration" pages that shows the installed features and settings. The HP LaserJet model 4 and 5 printers can print this page via the "TEST MENU" using the operator control panel. For an HP 4000 and 8000 series printer, go to the "INFORMATION MENU" and select the "PRINT CONFIGURATION" item. If the printer connects directly to the Ethernet, this "configuration" page usually contains the IP number, gateway address, and subnet mask information. This page should be printed after the printer is configured for network access. Fax a copy of this page to the FAX number listed below. This copy is kept on file and is used to help troubleshoot problems that may occur.

Steps to Add a Printer to Banner

  • Configure printer for network access (know the IP address assigned).
  • Print printer configuration pages (either via front control panel or web interface) and FAX them to 1-907-450-8381.
  • Fill out and submit the Banner Printer Request Web Form.

If you have questions that prevent you from completely filling out the form, please call the NTS Service Desk at 450-8300. If there are any questions about the submitted information, someone will call to clarify. After the printer has been added, a test page will be sent and the contact person will be called to verify that the printer worked correctly.