Banner 9 FAQs

By the end of December 2018, the vendor for Banner is no longer making improvements to Banner version 8. UA has a limited amount of time to transition to Banner 9 before support and regulatory improvements are no longer offered from the vendor. Banner 9 also reduces the need for major upgrades.

The user interface (UI) for Banner 9 is web based meaning access to Banner will be device agnostic. Banner 9 is accessible from any workstation, tablet or smart phone. Chrome is now the preferred web browser and no longer needs a Java plug-in. Banner 9 also has an updated look and feel, providing easier, more intuitive searches.

Banner 9 pages function as they do in Banner 8. However, power users of Banner will need to learn new keyboard shortcuts and there will be a learning curve due to the new UI.

Yes, they share the same database. Changes made in one will be reflected in the other.


The Banner 9 upgrade will not impact the way faculty enter grades throughout the UA system. UAOnline isn't changing. This upgrade affects administrative forms only.

If faculty leverage grant related forms in Banner 8, they need to contact their campus Finance department to ensure they are included in Finance training. Banner 9 pages will function in the same way as a Banner 8 form so training is expected to be minimal.

A wiki has been created housing Banner 9 training materials located at on the Banner 9 site. In addition, please contact your Manager or Director for additional functional area training resources.

Banner 8 will no longer be supported after calendar year 2018. Banner 8 will be retired at some point shortly thereafter.

Go to the NTS Service Catalog Banner information page and select the button on the left to report a problem. You can also contact the NTS Support Center.