Banner 9 Tips Tricks

The University of Alaska is scheduled to make Banner 9 available, system wide across functional areas, October 29th, 2018. Banner 8 will remain up and available through the end of calendar year 2018.

To help Banner 9 users better succeed with the transition, here are some guidelines:  

  1. Operate Banner 8 and Banner 9 in different browsers.  Run Banner 8 in Internet Explorer 11 and run Banner 9 in Chrome or Firefox.  
  2. If a user tries to open a custom page that has not been transformed yet, therefore unavailable in Banner 9, they will get a blank page.  This page will need to be opened in Banner 8 using IE instead of Chrome. Please see the list of known issues.
  3. You will need to log back into your system every day. Banner 9 has an active session limit of 4 hours without activity.
  4. When exiting Banner 9, make sure you sign out of Banner 9 before closing your browser.  If you just ‘X’ out of the browser you will leave orphan processes that may prevent you from starting another Banner session.
  5. If you are pasting an ID into the key block, but it reverts to the previous ID when you leave the key block, remember to use CTRL-C/CTRL-V to copy and paste the ID.  If you use CTRL-Insert and SHIFT-Insert, it doesn't work. (It looks like you've pasted the correct ID, but it doesn't "take".) Review new keyboard shortcuts on the Banner 9 training wiki at
  6. On most pages, the activity date and user ID of the person who last updated a record is now at the bottom of the page in Banner 9.
  7. Screen size- On most Windows machines, you can expand and shrink the content in the browser by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling your mouse up and down. Another way to do the same thing is hold the Ctrl key and use the + and – keys. (note that + usually requires the shift key as well on most keyboards) For additional information, here is a Google support article-
  8. GUAUPRF is the form in Banner 8 allowing a user to change the color of their canvas. This functionality is no longer available in Banner 9. GUAUPRF, however, is a baseline page and Ellucian did not remove the page from Banner 9. The page can be pulled up but does not allow a user to select a new color. This may be a feature that will come back in a future release of Banner 9 but for now, this functionality isn’t available.
  9. Special Note About Banner 9 Timeouts: If you are logged into B9 using an administrative page and simultaneously login to UAOnline (such as to complete your time sheet), be advised of the following. When you log out of UAOnline you will be automatically logged out of your open administrative page B9 session.