Ordering Transcripts - Support Options

Visit UA Online to order a transcript. Information about the process, specific to each campus, is found at the following Campus Registrar locations:

For most, ordering a transcript is a straightforward, automated process that takes minutes. For others, because of various account issues, the process of ordering a transcript may require a few additional steps. Below are support points for assistance during that process:

Visit NTS if:

  • you’ve recently reset your password in ELMO and the system is not allowing entrance.
  • while trying to obtain a transcript, you try to reset your password in ELMO, but do not know the exact information so that ELMO can automatically reset the password. Call NTS for a manual reset.
  • you are returning to UAF after completing a degree. If you are a recent graduate of UAA, contact the UAA Alumni office.
  • you started attending the university, then stopped and are reapplying to continue obtaining your degree. NTS will assist with password reset.
  • you are using the guest wi-fi service to apply to the university, enroll and attend, but the system is timing out.

Visit the Registrar's Office (UAA, UAF, UAS) if:

  • you attended prior to 1982. Your transcript may need to be pulled from microfilm.
  • you may have account changes that are complicated within the UA system. An example of such a scenario includes your name has changed since last applying. The system may not have detected this duplication. The Registrar's Office can help sort this out.
  • you have a new ID number because you didn’t know you could use your old ID number or couldn’t remember your old ID number, so signed up for a new one.

Visit UA Online if:

  • you need to place an order for your transcript.
  • before ordering your transcript, you need to take care of an account hold, make a payment, or take care of a past due balance.
  • you have not taken a class in more than three semesters. Your password may have been changed.

Visit ELMO if:

  • you need to reset your password or find your UA username and ID.