Linguistics Online

Start Here, Finish Anywhere


The Start Here Finish Anywhere option is designed to facilitate students who must relocate for personal or professional reasons prior to completion of their BA in Linguistics. Through our Start Here Finish Anywhere option, you can complete the first one to two years of the BA in Linguistics with face-to-face classes in Fairbanks, and finish up via distance learning from virtually anywhere!

Currently, the majority of distance learning is offered synchronously with virtual learners attending class via Zoom alongside students in a physical classroom. Please be sure to consider time zones when considering this option.

  Am I eligible?
All students are required to meet the UAF General Education, B.A. Degree and minor requirements, as well as the Linguistic Program’s two language requirement detailed in the UAF Degree Catalog.

Important Terms to Know

  Asynchronous Learning
Courses taught asynchronously are generally completed on a learner's own schedule during a given semester. Course work can be done without attending live virtual classes, which can be a great help to those who need a little more flexibility.
  Synchronous Learning
Courses taught synchronously can be helpful for students who cannot be physically present at UAF and wish to join a class via Zoom. Unlike asynchronous courses, these have a live lecture component to them that requires the student to attend class at a specific time.