Your equal protection rights at the UAF Department of Journalism

UAF is an AA/EO employer and educational institution and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual. Learn more about UA’s notice of nondiscrimination.


The UAF Department of Journalism policy

The Journalism Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is committed to providing a learning and working environment free from discrimination and harassment.   We seek to maintain an environment where diversity of people and ideas are welcomed and encouraged, and prepare journalists for the market who foster mutual respect, value differences, and promote cross cultural understanding.

Your rights

  • The Journalism Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has a responsibility to provide a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Discrimination refers to being adversely treated or affected, either intentionally or unintentionally, in a manner that unlawfully differentiates or makes distinctions on the basis of an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, marital status, changes in marital status, disability, age, status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam Era veteran.
  • Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It includes instances when such conduct is indicated to be a term or condition of an individual’s academic or employment experience, used as a basis for academic and employment performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive academic or employment environment.

Your responsibilities

  • If you feel you have been subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment, you should:
  • Make your feelings known verbally—
  • Calmly tell the person that the comments or behavior are unwelcome, unwanted, and offensive. Ask the person to stop. If needed, bring along another individual for support. If you are uncomfortable confronting the person…
  • Make your feelings known in writing—
  • Write a detailed description of what happened specifying that you find the person’s behavior offensive. Request that the behavior stop. Deliver the letter, memo or note to the person and keep a copy for yourself.
  • Use your campus contacts, department chair or supervisor—
  • If you are uncomfortable confronting the person or if the harassment/discrimination has continued.

The university’s complaint process

Board of Regents’ Policy and University Regulations outline the process faculty, staff and students may use to file informal and formal complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Informal resolution process

The purpose of informal resolution is to resolve an issue at the lowest administrative level. This stage involves using mediation or other processes that allow the parties to resolve the issue. If the informal effort is unsuccessful or if informal resolution is inappropriate based on the egregious nature of the alleged behavior, the claimant may file a formal complaint with Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability or with Human Resources Office.

Formal resolution process:

The formal resolution process is an administrative remedy which requires an investigation and written findings. The statements of the complainant, respondent and witnesses become part of a written record which is used for administrative review and action as necessary. Formal complaints alleging discrimination or sexual harassment must be in writing and submitted to either the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability or Human Resources.


Within the university

Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability
1692 Tok Lane
3rd floor, Constitution Hall

UAF Human Resources
108 Administrative Services
Fairbanks, AK 99775
Phone: 907-474-7700
Fax: 907-474-5859

Department of Student Affairs
514 Gruening Building
Fairbanks, AK 99775
Phone: 907-474-7317
Fax: 907-474-7900

GI Human Resources
201G Elvey Building
Fairbanks, AK 99775
Phone: 907-474-6010
Fax: 907-474-7395

Women's Center
(for referral to community crisis/assistance orgs.)
Phone: 907-474-6360

University Police
(for personal safety concerns)
Phone: 907-474-7721 or 911

Outside the university

Alaska State Commission for Human Rights
800 A Street, Suite 204;
Anchorage, AK 99501
Toll-free phone: 800-478-4692
TTY: 800-478-4692
(for filing employment related complaints)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal Office Building
909 First Ave., Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104-1061
Toll-free phone: 800-669-4000
(for filing employment related complaints)

Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
915 Second Ave., Room 3310
Seattle, WA 98174
Phone: 206-220-7900
TTY: 206-220-7907
(for filing external student related complaints)