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Monica Combs and journalism professor Brian  O'Donoghue prepare to interview mushers from the 2014 Yukon Quest at the Mile 101 checkpoint.

B.A., Journalism: Science & the Environment

While many areas of Journalism are shrinking, Science and Environmental Journalism is an area of growth. More jobs in this specialty are being added every month. In addition, UAF is at the forefront in many areas of science, especially climate change. With so many stories in UAF’s backyard, there’s lots of material for students, making this specialization a natural fit. Finally, while there are dozens of graduate programs in Science and Environmental Journalism, just a handful of colleges and universities offer an undergraduate program, and none of them exists at a top research university. This makes UAF’s program unique.

Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue
Featured Course

JOUR F211      If Einstein Were a Photographer
3 Credits

Offered As Demand Warrants

This course will apply photographic techniques and approaches to laboratory and field work photography for scientists and science and environmental journalists in their various areas of interest. This class will prove useful to archeologists, engineers, and other field and lab scientists who desire to better document their work through photography.


Have you chosen your minor? The very interdisciplinary nature of the College of Liberal Arts means that you have so many options when it comes to tailoring your degree program so that it is just right for you. Here are some minors that students have paired with a B.A. in Journalism:



Minor in Journalism: Science and the Environment


Minor, Journalism