2016 Kay L. Thomas Pathfinder Award

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 This award honors Kay Thomas, a soft-spoken lady who gave over twenty years of herself to ensure Alaska Native student retention and success in their university studies and experience. Kay is blessed with the gift of humility, grace, and compassion, a person who does not seek praise or accolades. Through her compassionate and highly effective guidance and academic advising skills, Kay impacted the lives of over 2,000 students at the University of Alaska. Kay retired from the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development (DANSRD) in January 2012.
The years of dedication to students also translates to the success of key functions that Kay was accountable for. Her astute awareness of the university community and how it functions allowed her to integrate her knowledge into effective program development at both the Rural Student Services and the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development. Kay took her responsibilities seriously and unselfishly gave her time and energy for the betterment of the University and the successful retention of students.
 In today’s world it is difficult to find a person who holds herself to the highest degree of ethical standards and remains truly grounded to the fundamental belief that all people are created equal. Kay is such a person. She facilitated success through her dedication and sense of responsibility to the University and the students she advised. Through her actions Kay illuminated a pathway for students to create their success stories, stories that will be handed down through generations and re-told as alumni share stories of their university years.
 To recognize Kay, who guided many Alaska Native and rural students to succeed through her compassion and selfless dedication to the personal and academic challenges they faced, DANSRD has established the Kay L. Thomas Pathfinder Award.



The Kay L. ThomasPathfinder Award is an annual award established in 2012 to honor outstanding University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) staff or faculty who exemplify the compassion and dedication to student success demonstrated by Kay. This award is open to all staff and faculty employed through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, including UAF’s branch campuses.

Nomination Process

Nomination letters may be submitted through January 29, 2016 by any UAF employee or student, outlining the candidate's commitment to the following criteria:


1)  Nominee serves as an advocate for Alaska Native and rural Alaskan students;

2)  Nominee assists Alaska Native and rural Alaskan students to overcome personal and/or academic challenges;

3)  Nominee demonstrates a high level of commitment to the mission of student success for Alaska Native and rural Alaskan students;

4)  Nominee engages effectively with leadership, students and/or regions to advance educational opportunities for Alaska Native and rural Alaskan students.


The deadline for receiving nomination letters is due Friday, January 29, 2016.  Please email Sherrie Rahlfs at This annual award will be presented during the Festival of Native Arts, held at the Davis Concert Hall, March 3-5, 2016.

 Please contact Sherrie Rahlfs at or 907-474-5808 with any questions.


The award recipient will receive a framed certificate with a gift basket, tailored to the individual receiving the award.  A plaque listing the annual recipients will be located in the DANSRD office on the UAF campus.

Past Award Recipients

2016 - Sarah Andrew

2015 - Kacey Miller

2014 - Agnes McIntyre

2013 - Gabrielle Russell

2012 - Kay Thomas

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