Why earn a communication degree?

Communication is one of the most in demand skill sets regardless of field or area of study. Among hiring managers, communication as a defined practice consistently ranks as integral for the workplace. Conflict management, interpersonal communication, public speaking, and team collaboration are just a few of the skills communication majors have the opportunity to develop and refine throughout their program of study. 

Communication scholars and practitioners play a critical role in our understanding of how daily interactions, organizations, and media shape the world around us. UAF’s Department of Communication provides three distinct tracks, allowing students to pick a focused area of study to meet their personal and professional goals. 

Track 1: Social Interaction

Students in the social interaction track focus on understanding the complex dynamics of how communication functions or dysfunctions within interpersonal relationships, organizations, and society. In these courses, students consider how the many aspects of identity affect communication and drive diversity, equity, and belonging. Students in this track will develop the skills necessary to work in careers such as Human Resources, Training & Development, Relationship Management, and more!

Track 2: Science & Environmental Communication

Students in the Science & Environmental communication track are innovators, joining one of the most rapidly growing sub-disciplines in communication. Courses in this track challenge students to consider how communication about science and the environment influences and shapes our understanding of the world around us. Students in this track will develop the skills necessary to work in careers such as Science & Environmental Education, Health Communication, Sustainability or Policy Development, and more!

Track 3: Public Relations (PR) and Organizational (Org) Communication

Students in the PR & Org communication track will consider how to effectively manage relationships between organizations and publics. Focusing on the role of communication in these interactions, students will learn about the effects of persuasive message design, crisis communication, activism, and media framing play in relationship management. Students in this track will develop the skills necessary to work in careers such as Public Relations, Media Relations, Social Media Marketing, Advocacy, Sports Management, and more!

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