Collective navigation during the spawning migrations of Pacific salmon

Project Description

This project seeks to understand the role of social interactions and collective behavior to influence patterns of homing and straying in Pacific salmonids and expands on ideas illuminated in the review of collective navigation in salmon led by Andrew Berdahl (Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute) and Peter Westley, recently published in Fish and Fisheries.

Salmon swimming in a stream

Project Funding

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Publications and products

Berdahl, A., P.A.H. Westley, S.A. Levin, I.D. Couzin, and T.P. Quinn. (2014). "A collective navigation hypothesis for homeward migration in anadromous salmonids". Fish and Fisheries. 17(2):525–542.


Research Team

Peter Westley

Peter Westley

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor


  • Phenotypic plasticity
  • Life history evolution
  • Dispersal and philopatry
  • Contemporary evolution
  • Aquatic invasions and colonization
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics

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Co-Principal Investigators

Andrew Berdahl
Omidyar Fellow
Santa Fe Institute