Marine Mammals & Seabirds

octupus Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON)
 CFOS logo Assessing changes in reproductive and population dynamics of Pacific walruses (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) in the Bering Sea through long-term monitoring
 CFOS logo Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program: Benthic Ecology
 Sea floor

Changes in ecosystem production and benthic biodiversity following the widespread loss of an ecosystem engineer

This project will examine the consequences of the loss of kelp forests in the Aleutian Archipelago to primary production and benthic biodiversity.

 CFOS logo Development and validation of a technique for detection of stress and pregnancy in large whales
 CFOS logo Impacts of humpback whale predation at salmon hatchery release sites on net foraging gain and hatchery economics.
 CFOS logo Impacts of local oceanographic processes on Adelie Penguin foraging ecology over Palmer Deep (CONVERGE)

Long-term monitoring of ecological communities in Kachemak Bay

Part of the Gulf Watch Alaska Monitoring Program, this project is seeking to understand long-term trends and natural variability in biological communities in Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

Sea lion Mapping Steller sea lion reproduction
 CFOS logo Port Valdez Environmental Studies Program
Sea alge

Sea otters versus seastars as major clam predators: evidence from foraging pits and shell litter

As part of the ongoing monitoring in Kachemak Bay Alaska, this project is examining the importance of sea otters versus sea stars in the predation of clams.

 CFOS logo Steller sea lion diet, stress, and pregnancy
Walrus Watching walrus