James Schloemer

James Schloemer

M.S. Student

Marine Biology

Kachemak Bay Research Reserve
2181 Kachemak Dr.
Homer, AK 99603



State University of New York
B.S. Natural Resources Management



Landscape influence on terrestrial resource use by nearshore marine invertebrates





I am interested in long-term monitoring of ecosystem drivers, how the physical ocean affects ecosystems through lower-trophic levels, and on the connections between landscapes and estuaries.

Research Overview

Climate-driven impacts such as retreating glaciers, increased river discharge, and shifting vegetative community composition will likely alter the quality and quantity of organic matter exported to nearshore environments. Utilization of low-quality food resources can reduce assimilation and energy transfer efficiency and pose implications for overall ecosystem energetics and production. With the rapid rate of change observed in high-latitude systems, it is imperative that the effects of climate on coastal resources are sufficiently understood to promote effective management of resilient ecological communities and the essential services they provide to the people depending on them. My research aims to quantify terrestrial resource use by nearshore invertebrates and identify which watershed characteristics contribute most to the type of organic matter utilized. This will be achieved through (1) determining carbon sourcing in select nearshore invertebrates at watersheds of varying glacial influence using bulk stable isotope mixing models, and (2) characterization of watershed attributes to describe organic matter source and delivery to riverine systems with remote sensing.



  • Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • UAA Alaska Center for Conservation Science
  • NOAA