Minor in Fisheries

A Minor in Fisheries provides students who are majoring in other areas with a strong background in a broad variety of topics related to fisheries, including biology, ecology, business administration, policy analysis and rural development.  Flexibility in course selection allows students to plan their program while considering their specific interests, goals, and future plans.

While pursuing a Minor in Fisheries, students will:

  • Complete 15 credits of coursework from a potential variety of disciplines, including Fisheries, Natural Resource Management, Biology, Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Political Science, History, Anthropology, and Rural Development with a focus on fish biology, fish ecology, systems ecology and fisheries management
  • Broaden their horizons outside of their degree program by interacting with experienced Fisheries faculty in small class settings

Completion of a Minor in Fisheries provides students with:

  • A background in fisheries and recognition of the Fisheries Minor on their diploma, which may strengthen job and graduate school applications
  • Fisheries-related training which will provide important background, theory, and applied training for fisheries-related jobs.

For more information, please contact Fisheries Department Chair Franz Mueter at fmueter@alaska.edu or 907-796-5448.

To declare a Minor in Fisheries, please visit the UAF Registrar's Forms for Students page and complete the "Declaration of Minor" form.