Computer Science

Hands-on experience & practical skill

The computer science degree develops practical skills through hands-on experience in the design, implementation and validation of computer systems. Write an algorithm to allow an autonomous LIDAR-equipped robot to navigate unknown terrain. Develop software to visualize and analyze the spread of an infectious disease. Design, build and test a new computer game.

Collaborate & research

You’ll collaborate with faculty and conduct research in multiple subject areas such as computer security, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, simulation, databases, parallel computation and more.

Develop & apply skills outside the classroom

You’ll have access to our state-of-the-art labs and the opportunity join student organizations, including our Computer Security Club, Game Development Club and NASA Lunabotics Competition Team. Compete nationally against other student teams in everything from robot building to interactive game development.

Award-winning faculty

Our faculty have won prizes from NASA for building a novel 3D printer from recyclable plastic and dusty regolith; built the parallel volume rendering infrastructure for the Hayden Planetarium’s Orion Nebula Fly-Through, seen by millions of people each year; and include experts on the mathematics of novel graph coloring problems.

Program Offerings


B.A. Computer Science

Program Requirements | Study Plan/Checklist | Flowchart | Math prerequisites

B.S. Computer Science

Program Requirements | Study Plan/Checklist | Flowchart | Math prerequisites

B.A. Computer Science versus B.S. Computer Science

Degree comparison

Minor Computer Science



5 year B.S./M.S. Computer Science

Admission Requirements | Program Requirements


M.S. Computer Science

Admission Requirements | Program Requirements

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