High Bay Laboratory

The High Bay, located at UAF in the Joseph E. Usibelli Engineering Learning and Innovation Building,  is a structural testing laboratory that is outfitted with a 30-ton overhead crane and a strong floor constructed of super-reinforced concrete. The space is intended to be used by students and faculty to test building components for large structures.


High Bay Specs


120 ft


27 ft


40 ft

Floor Thickness

About 80 ft of the floor is 4 ft thick heavily reinforced concrete.  The remaining floor is 2 ft thick. 


The 30 ton crane can move material the entire length and width of the space.

Hydraulic Actuators

There are currently 2 hydraulic actuators capable of 220,000 lb. of force, one actuator rated at 50,000 lbs. and one 10,000 lb. actuator. The hydraulic system will support three of these actuators at one time.