Jumpstart your engineering education: ES100X

ES100X is a 3-credit, asynchronous online course available to UAF students and advanced high school students from any location.

ES100X was designed to meet Student Learning Outcomes appropriate to a standard college-level Introduction to Engineering course. Such a course is required by programs at UAF and elsewhere.

A student need not be an engineering student to take ES100X.

How to enroll

Most Alaskan high school students can enroll in ES100X at discounted rates through the Alaska Advantage Program.

For any questions related to enrollment in the course, please contact Amy Bristor, Alaska Advantage Coordinator, via the questions portal on the web page.

Important dates

  • Course list available online: October 31st, 2022
  • Open registration begins: November 14th, 2022
  • First day of instruction: January 17th, 2023
  • Last day of final exams: May 5th, 2023

For questions regarding the applicability of ES100X to CEM engineering programs or other programs:
Joe Alloway
(CEM student advisor and recruitment coordinator)

For technical questions regarding the ES100X course content:
Dustin Ray
(Fall 2022 ES100X instructor) DRAY19@alaska.edu.

In ES100X, you will learn how to...

Build foundational knowledge of engineering, including design, analysis, and the study of the natural and social sciences that contextualize engineering.

Develop the intellectual and practical skills necessary for engineering, including design and analysis, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, written communication, information literacy, and technological competence.

Given an engineering challenge, identify the problem or question and its component parts.

Develop logical conclusions, solutions, and outcomes that reflect an informed, well-reasoned evaluation.

Articulate the role engineering plays in contemporary Alaskan issues.

Express quantitative information symbolically, graphically, and in written language.

Develop study skills needed to meet the rigor of the engineering discipline.

Map Alaska’s critical/common engineering disciplines, identify common projects, and gain simplified experience in each. 

ES100X (Engineering Alaska)  versus ES100L (Makerspace Alaska)

Please note, that ES100X (Engineering Alaska) is not the same as ES100L (Makerspace Alaska).

Engineering Alaska
  • 3-credit asynchronous online course
Makerspace Alaska
  • 1-credit laboratory course currently only offered on the UAF Troth Yeddha’ campus.
    Students intending to take the course from a remote location should not sign up for ES100L.
  • A student need not be an engineering student to take ES100X or ES100L.
  • ES100X and ES100L can both be taken for credit (some of our engineering programs require both). However, they do not need to be taken during the same semester, nor is one a prerequisite for the other. The prerequisite for both courses is placement into MATH 105 (or ALEKS score of 30).
  • ES100X replaced ES101 in the CEM engineering curricula (Fall 2022). Some programs may not yet have updated their curriculum listings to reflect the change.
  • ES100X is not required for all engineering programs in CEM. Programs that currently require the courses are listed below:


    Engineering Alaska
    ES100X required?

    Makerspace Alaska
    ES100L required?

    Civil engineering Yes Yes
    Computer engineering Yes Yes
    Computer science, B.A.* No No
    Computer science, B.S.* No No
    Electrical engineering Yes Yes
    Geological engineering* No No
    Mechanical engineering
    Yes No
    Mining engineering* No No
    Petroleum engineering* No No

    The combination of ES100X and ES100L qualify as a 4-credit GER (General Education Requirement) for Natural Sciences. Since all UAF B.S. and B.A. degrees require 8-credits of Natural Science GER, the combination of ES100X and ES100L could be applied to help meet this criterion even for engineering (or non-engineering) programs that do not explicitly require those specific courses. Both ES100X and ES100L must be taken in order for either to qualify towards the Natural Science GER, but they need not be taken concurrently.