Research related to CoLang 2016 at UAF

Colang 2016During the Collaborative Language Institute (CoLang) 2016 held at UAF, several students participated in the Unangam Tunuu practicum, working with Unangam Tunuu speaker and linguist Moses Dirks and UAF faculty member Anna Berge, while using the Alaska Native Language Archive to study language documentation and revitalization. This project repurposes language learning materials from the 1970s and was worked on by Myles Creed, an Alaskan who is currently studying linguistics at the University of Victoria in Canada. The project aims to be a teaching and learning tool for those working to revitalize the Unangam Tunuu language in their communities.

Alqutax̂ Makux̂?

Alqux̂ tutat? Igax̂tax̂