About Alaska CESU


  • Provide research, technical assistance and education to federal land management and environmental and research agencies.
  • Develop a program of research, technical assistance and education that involves the biological, physical, social, and cultural sciences needed to address resources issues and interdisciplinary problem-solving at multiple scales and in an ecosystem context at the local, regional, and national level.
  • Place special emphasis on the working collaboration among federal agencies and universities and their related partner institutions.

NWA-CESU Documents

Strategic Plan

The Alaska CESU achieves the highest level of integrity and leadership expertise in unique circumpolar north, boreal and marine ecosystem science critical to the future of state, national and global issues by establishing:      

  • An integrated structural partnership that functions seamlessly to meet science needs
  • A quality assurance and peer review mechanism that assures the integrity of the process, bringing accurate and current science to bear on policy issues
  • A collaboration that is publicly visible in making connections and communicating research impacts at the state and national levels
  • A program that draws from all cultures in Alaska, builds both agency and partner human resource capacity in Alaskan expertise for the future and connects this capacity with the national arena

National CESU Documents