Westridge greenhouse lit up at night


AFES West Ridge Greenhouse

The AFES greenhouse is a research and teaching facility located on the Westridge of the UAF Troth Yeddha’ campus. The greenhouse is equipped with state-of-the-art environmental control and innovative plant production systems allowing for research on greenhouse production systems, lighting technologies and crop development, along with studies on gas exchange, photosynthesis and nutritional qualities. The AFES greenhouse offers opportunities to conduct research specifically designed to address Alaska conditions and meet local needs for greenhouse and controlled environment information.


Meriam Karlsson

Phone: 907-474-7005
Email: mgkarlsson@alaska.edu.


The AFES greenhouse, attached to the south side of the Arctic Health Research Building on the UAF campus, was completed in 2014 as a state-of-the-art facility for instructional and research projects. The two-story building replaced a set of 1960-era greenhouses that were torn down in 2011 to build the Murie Building. The upper level greenhouse sections were finished and ready for use in 2012 while the three greenhouse sections on the ground level were completed in the summer of 2014. Since 2014, countless student and faculty projects have taken place, the preparation and cultivation of plants for the botanical garden and class demonstrations, Master Gardener training and other research, teaching and outreach activities.


The entire greenhouse complex includes approximately 7,000 feet2 of space, of which 4,500 feet2 is growing area split into a 900 foot2 area for growth chambers and seven individually controlled greenhouse zones: five zones of 750 feet2 and two zones of 375 feet2. The 1,100 foot2 headhouse is used for seeding, transplanting, treatment applications, data collection, and as a classroom for instructional labs and lectures. The greenhouse complex includes a clean room for the environmental control computer, storage and a receiving area.

Facilities include floor and perimeter heating, overhead lighting, energy/shade curtains, and fogging equipment for humidity and temperature control. All systems are controlled and monitored by a greenhouse environmental computer.

Lettuce growing hydroponically

Plants with ripe and unripe tomatoes growing over 6 ft. tall

Plants growing under purple grow light

Raspberries growing in the greenhouse

Grain growing in the greenhouse