AFES West Ridge Greenhouse

The AFES Westridge Greenhouse has 4,500 ft2 of growing area in seven individually controlled sections. The greenhouse, attached to the south side of the Arctic Health Research Building on the UAF campus, was completed in 2014 as a state-of-the-art facility for instructional and research projects. The greenhouse is equipped with floor and perimeter heating, overhead lighting, energy/shade curtains, and fogging equipment for humidity and temperature control. All systems are controlled and monitored by a greenhouse environmental computer. Research on greenhouse production systems, lighting technologies and crop development are conducted along with studies on gas exchange, photosynthesis and nutritional qualities. The AFES greenhouse offers opportunities to conduct research specifically designed to address Alaska conditions and meet local needs for greenhouse and controlled environment information. 

For more information on work done at the greenhouse, contact Meriam Karlsson at 907-474-7005 or