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  • The sun shines on young green birch leaves.

    Citizen science offers lessons in understanding Fairbanks' climate

    May 06, 2024

    Interior Alaska's long winters are the impetus for a lot of long-running citizen science. The Nenana Ice Classic is a 107-year-long climate record for Interior Alaska. But it's not the only citizen science effort in Fairbanks, which also boasts multi-decadal records for predicting green-up, when birch sap will start flowing, and when to stock up on allergy medications to get ready for pollen season.

  • Red fruit puree is spread across a pan with a silver spatula.

    Food preservation workshops scheduled for Yakutat

    April 17, 2024

    Three days of workshops with sessions covering water bath and pressure canning, pickling and fermenting vegetables, and making fruit leather are scheduled for April 25-27 in Yakutat.

  • A black-colored slug crosses the ground with a few green stems surrounding it.

    Citizen science project tracks slugs as they slither north

    April 15, 2024

    Cutworms, voles and moose are common garden invaders in Interior Alaska, but, in the past decade, a pest that frequently eats its way through salad greens and other plants in Southcentral and Southeast Alaska has also made its appearance in gardens north of the Alaska Range: slugs.

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