Marine Energy project highlights

  • Water Horse on river

    Water Horse

    September 01, 2022

    This project was carried out to advance the Technology Readiness Level of the Water Horse hydrokinetic power harvester from 5 to 7.

  • Yakutat

    September 01, 2022

    This project aims to determine the benefits and issues associated with integration of wave and other renewable energy sources into small grid systems.

  • Tanana River Test Site (TRTS).


    September 01, 2022

    This project supports infrastructure upgrades to the Tanana River Test Site, the river energy test site of the Pacific Marine Energy Center.

  • TRTS on the Tanana river

    Submarine Hydrokinetic and Riverine Kilo-megawatt Systems (SHARKS)

    September 01, 2022

    This project aims to develop new technical pathways to design economically competitive hydrokinetic turbines for tidal and river currents.

  • Two researchers working with equipment on the ice.

    Beaufort Lagoon Ecosystems LTER

    November 11, 2022

    This project addresses questions about land/sea interactions, biogeochemical and biological composition, seasonal dynamics and long-term changes within lagoons along the northern Alaskan Arctic coast.

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