Power Systems Integration Laboratory

The Power Systems Integration Laboratory or PSI Lab is located within the Energy Technology Facility on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus and emulates an isolated hybrid-diesel grid at up to 500 kW of permanently installed capacity and potential capacity of several MW. The infrastructure of the lab facilitates integration testing with power levels and system architectures relevant to typical Alaska rural power plants — from generation to storage to distribution and control. It transforms a potentially chaotic field-testing environment into a continuously improving process for optimizing efficiencies. Operating on the same scale as an Alaskan village power system, the PSI lab has the ability to be modified for individual test scenarios and provide valuable data for researchers, communities policy makers, and industrial clients.


Diesel Gensets:

  • 320 kW Caterpillar C-15
  • 125 kW Detroit


  • 100 kW wind turbine emulator
  • 100 kW photovoltaic emulator
  • 3-phase 480 V fault emulator
  • 250 Amp Line Impedance Emulator

Electrical Energy Storage:

  • 220 KWh / 600 kW / 719 VDC Lithium-ion Battery Storage System
  • 11 kWh/33 kW lithium-ion battery
  • 313 kVA ABB PCS100 Energy Storage Inverter

Programmable Load Banks:

  • 2 - 250 kW Resistive/Reactive (AC)
  • 1 - 300 kW Resistive (AC) w/ single phase load capability
  • 1 - 55 kW Resistive (AC)
  • Various kWs DC Load Banks

Power Supplies:

  • 64 kW / 1000 VDC Bidirectional DC Power Supply
  • 50 kVA Bidirectional AC Grid Simulator

Other Equipment/Services:

  • Flexible 12-station 600 A - 480 VAC 3-phase bus
  • ABB Distributed Control System MGC 600
  • Woodward Easy-Gen generator control system
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system developed by ACEP
  • Portable data acquisition equipment including scopes and power analyzers
  • Battery system analyzers, and chargers
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop equipment: Opal- RT OP5707 Real-Time Digital Simulator
  • Elspec G4K High Resolution Power Quality Analyzer
  • Kral BEM500 Diesel Fuel Measurement System

Base Rates

  • Internal UA: $5,300 per day
  • External rate: $8,200 per day

Costs may vary based on the needs of your project. Please contact us for a quote for your specific project.

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The PSI lab is utilized and supported by members of the PSI research program at ACEP.  Consisting of experienced faculty and staff, the PSI team offers expertise in engineering and research services from energy analysis, and design development and review, through full-scale in-system R&D, product testing and hardening, and more.

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