Tanana River Test Site (TRTS).



This project supports infrastructure upgrades to the Tanana River Test Site (TRTS). TRTS is the river energy test site of the Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC), which is one of the nation’s four National Marine Energy Research Centers (NMERCs).

Upgrades include new instrumentation, a low-speed, high-torque generator test stand, an advanced debris diverter platform, a deep-fishing system, and equipment cooling improvements to the Power System Integration (PSI) laboratory.

This project concludes in 2023.

Project Details

People along side the Tanana River Test Site

The project objective is to enhance testing and research infrastructure at the National Marine Renewable Energy Centers (NMRECs). The upgrades will serve the needs of a diverse set of users including universities, Department of Energy National Laboratories and industry.

ACEP is completing the following infrastructure upgrades:

  • New deep-fishing system for enhanced fish sampling during turbine testing;
  • New debris diverter to reduce turbulence and replace the existing system that is at end-of-life;
  • New anchor for mooring floating testing infrastructure;
  • New Data Acquisition (DAQ) system to improve data collection during hydrokinetic system testing;
  • Job trailer and tooling to enhance field operations, fabrication and maintenance;
  • Instrumentation and improvements to existing 5 kW turbine to enable IEC-compliant turbine availability to TEAMER initiatives;
  • PSI liquid cooling system for actively cooled hardware;
  • DC load bank for DC generator testing;
  • Generator test stand for generator characterization and testing.

Tanana Test River Site image 2