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ACEP Summer Internship Program

Program Overview

The ACEP Summer Internship Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in challenging and exciting energy research in the Arctic through a 10-week program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The internship cohort is composed of students from diverse geographies and disciplines. Students are mentored by an ACEP researcher in a wide range of topics including microgrid power systems integration, electric vehicles in the North and solar technologies. The program offers a competitive stipend, on-campus housing, field trips and travel to and from Fairbanks.

Project Spotlight

Kristian Nudlash-Barger logging data in Larsen Bay. Photo by Chandler Kemp

Aug 25

UAA sophomore Kristian Nudlash-Barger worked on analyzing energy usage in oyster and kelp farms alongside mentor Chandler Kemp.

Sarah and Adrian workshop a model of the Scientific Data Life Cycle. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Raymond.

Aug 25

University of Alaska Fairbanks students Adrian Burke and Sarah Andreanoff joined ACEP's rapidly growing data team this summer to serve as data librarians under data governance lead Vanessa Raymond.

Kathryn Modler installs the ground temperature monitoring system she designed to gain knowledge about whether and how the shifting permafrost causes some of the panels to heave around the solar array in Kotzebue, Alaska. Photo by Chris Pike.

Aug 25

Under the guidance of her mentor Chris Pike, Kathryn Modler assisted the Solar Technologies program at ACEP on a variety of tasks.


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The ACEP Summer Internship Program is a dynamic program seeking to strengthen Alaska's energy workforce.

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