Tanana River test site

Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site

Road connected and only 55 miles from Fairbanks, the Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site (TRTS) offers researchers and industrial clients an accessible and well-characterized Alaska river to assess interactions between hydrokinetic devices and the environment in a controlled fashion. 


Test Site Features

  • Potential deployment locations have been identified based on river velocity, bathymetry, sediment transport, hydro-dynamics, power density and turbulence.
  • Mandatory baseline fish stock studies have been completed for the site.
  • Demonstrated technology to divert surface woody debris, a major impediment of operating devices in Alaska, is available to all users; A prototype for protecting devices from subsurface debris is in development.
  • The site’s anchored mooring system, located mid-channel, supports a floating platform able to secure a load up to 50,000 pounds.
  • AHERC has various imaging devices in its inventory, including:
    • Blue View P900-2250-45 imaging sonar
    • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
    • Simrad EK60 split beam sonar  (120 kHz)
    • Novatel RTK/L1 positioning system (20 cm accuracy)

All required permits are secured. Placement of turbines in river is subject to final regulatory review.

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Tanana River Energy Resource Assessment

Tanana river hydrokinetic test site information and river characterization data.


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